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What is SEAG?

The State Employees Attorneys Guild (SEAG) is a division of the Federation of Physicians & Dentists/Alliance of Healthcare & Professional Employees (FPD/AHPE), a non-profit organization representing public and private employees. SEAG’s purpose is to initiate and foster measures that improve the economic status of its members and to enhance the dignity of their professions and employment.

SEAG exists to achieve a number of objectives through collective bargaining, contract negotiations, legislation and education to benefit the working conditions of our members:

  • To represent, protect, maintain and advance the interests of its members, including the determination of rates of compensation, the maintenance of proper working conditions, the establishment of appropriate litigation review procedures, and the delivery and maintenance of the highest quality of service to the public at large;
  • To study, advise, recommend and secure enactment of legislation in the interest of state-employed attorneys;
  • To strive to raise the standards of professional and public service and to expand and secure the conditions essential to that service;
  • To develop among the membership and the public a better understanding of the issues and problems in connection with employee rights;
  • To provide an ally with other organized groups in the pursuit of common aims.

State Employees Attorneys Guild  (SEAG)

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