The FPD/AHPE is a non-profit professional organization specifically organized for the purposes of representing physicians and other healthcare professionals, along with many other public and private sector professionals.

Since 1989 the FPD/AHPE has grown remarkably as the umbrella agent for several public and private sector groups. Currently FPD/AHPE is the umbrella organization and agent for:

This website is home for all FPD/AHPE Divisions.  You can go directly to the related sections of the website by clicking on a division logo in the banner above.  Be sure to check out the section below on what membership could mean to you!

The Federation of Physicians & Dentists

  An Alliance of Healthcare Professional Employees & its Divisions Affiliated with NUHHCE, 

Federation of Physicians & Dentists 1310 Cross Creek Circle, Suite C2  Tallahassee, FL 32301

Phone: (800) 373-5777

Fax: (850) 942-6722 ·

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Need a Union in your workplace?

  • We represent you to your employer.
  • We defend your pension.
  • We negotiate your pay and conditions
  • We protect your health and safety
  • We promote equality at work
  • We improve career opportunities
  • We campaign for people in many public and private sector professions
  • We organize nationally and locally
  • We will train your representatives
  • We provide legal support and financial services


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Our Partner

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Job Protection - We help save jobs by guarding against unfair layoffs.

Secure Employee Benefits - Contracts safeguard employee benefits such as health premiums and pensions.

Quality Patient Care - Organized Health Care Professionals help Develop laws that enforce standards of quality patient care.

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